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Fly Fishing Logic

New website Gizmos Domains release a NEW Site!!! if you into Fly Fishing this is a nice site to look at.

The Whiz at Giz

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Come meet us from Gizmo's Domains, here are the links for Gizmo's Domains company and staff. So come out and see us and join our different communities.

Staff Products Picks Of The Week Or Month

Here are the staff product picks for this month. We hope you enjoy our picks of the week. We will be featuring three to four products the staff here at Gizmo's likes and think you might enjoy with you new domain name or new web site.

*SmartSpace - Perfect for home or business, SmartSpace™ is the fast, easy way to turn your domain into a Web site featuring all your favorite content, including photos, videos and blog posts. PLUS, with SocialSpace you can even display the latest content from your Digg™ account, Facebook® profile, Flickr® album and YouTube® channel. Learn More

*Online Group Calendar - Stay organized and in control 24/7 access to all of your important events, projects and files. Whether your at work, at home or on the road. Learn More

*WebSite Tonight - Build a website with no EXPERIENCE!!! We've done the hard work - Use pre-built designs and content Learn More

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For Sale

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.INFO $1.99 / For the first year


Prices Slashed

You will not want to miss this event; this is your chance to get your own multi million dollar Domain Name & Web Hosting business. Gizmo's has slashed its resellers plan prices for this one time event. Gizmo's is offering these new low prices on our reseller plans.

Basic Reseller plan
    Regular Price $99.99
    Sale Price $89.99

Pro Reseller Plan
    Regular Price $199.00

    Sale Price $189.00


Current Promotions

Free Private Registration!

You can get free Private Registration with 5 or more domains. Every customer who registers or transfers 5 or more domains will get Free private resistration.


New .ME

Get your own .ME and use the built-in tool kit to launch a site that brings all your online activities in one spot.
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Country Code TLDs

NEW! ccTLDs mean domain opportunities for you and the great Gizmo's Domains and Hosting experience for customers worldwide!

Whether you're a global company looking for a local presence, or an individual looking for fresh additions to your domain portfolio, look to Gizmo's Domains and Hosting. You can count on Gizmo's Domains and Hosting to bring the same great service to these new country codes as we do to our current line up. These TLDs are available to virtually anyone*, so step right up and register while great names are still available! Tell me more.

What's New

Custom Design

Also new to Gizmo's is our Custom Website Design and Custom Logo Design!! Head over to our Custom Website Design page or Custom Logo Design Page. Also if you can not find what your looking for please check out our parteners store for custom company logos or a awesome design for your web site check out our partner Lucan Designs ( for all of the details.